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2013 (Fall) Issue 53  
Education Supervisors' Views on the New Curriculum and Its Implementation in Primary Schools

Pre-service Teachers as Lifelong Learners: University Facilities for Promoting

Inter-Creative Course Model Proposal: Teaching- Learning Design in Secondary Schools of TRNC

Pre-Service ELT Teachers' Attitudes Towards Computer Use: A Turkish Survey

The Mediator Role of Need Satisfaction between Subjective Well-Being and Romantic Relationships Quality

Science Achievement in TIMSS Cognitive Domains Based on Learning Styles

Psychometric Evaluation Of The Turkish Version Of The Defensive Pessimism Scale

Virtual Communities Of Practices (VCoPs) for Ensuring Innovation at Universities -Firat University Sample

The Importance of Educational Marble Games in Teaching German

Identifying Professional Teaching Standards using Rasch Model Analysis: The Case of Northern Cyprus

College Students' Perceptions toward the Multi Modal Representations and Instruction of Representations in Learning Modern Physics

The Development of the "Sense of Belonging to School" Scale

The Critical Thinking Skills of Teacher Candidates Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Sampling

Teacher Strategies in Shared Reading for Children with Hearing Impairment

What is Needed for Correct Pronunciation: A Model or a Concern?