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2013 Issue 53/A  
Impact of External Examinations on High School Curricula: Perceptions of Teachers and Students

Examining Learner Autonomy in Foreign Language Learning and Instruction

Comparative Study of the Security in Secondary Education According to the Ideas of Administrators, Teachers and Parents

Foreign Language Teaching Within 4+4+4 Education System in Turkey: Language Teachers' Voices

Awareness Raising in Higher Education Through Real-Life Project Experiences

The Investigations of Using Web 2.0 Technologies on English Writing Skills of Students with Different Learning Styles

The Participation in Ecological Activities and Its Influence on High School Pupils' Attitude towards The Environment: Famagusta Case

Determining Cutoff Points of Factors Affecting Scores of Private Skill Tests: ROC Curve Approach

The Factors Influencing the Internet Addiction of Secondary Education Students

The Analysis of Purposes of Science Teacher Candidates in Using Social Media

The Effects of Using Student-Generated and Expert-Generated Knowledge Maps on Acquisition and Recall

Turkish Language and History Candidate Teachers' Use of Metaphors* in Their Perception of a Computer

Using Student-Centred Assessment Methods in High Schools: Is It Really Possible?

Perceptions of Teachers about a Web-Support System as a Means of Technology Integration

Structuring the Past as a Determinant of The Future: Critical and Comparative Analysis of Cyprus' History Textbooks

The Technical Analyse of Violoncello Etudes

The Analysis of Spatial Intelligence of the Twelfth Form Students About Space Geometry and Cognitive Delusion

Factors Related with Marital Adjustment

Environmental Consciousness and Education Levels of Elementary Grade 4. and Grade 5. Students In Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus

The Nature of Organisational Cultures At Two Private Primary Schools: Comparison Between North and South Cyprus

Investigation of Life Satisfaction Predictors of School Counsellors