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Eurasian Journal of Educational Research
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2014 Issue 54  
Developing a scale for constructivist learning environment management skills.
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2014.54.1

Preservice teachers' intercultural competence: A comparative study of teachers in Switzerland and Turkey

The needs of inclusive preschool teachers about inclusive practices

The role of peer pressure, automatic thoughts and self-esteem on adolescents' aggression

The relations between the acceptance and childrearing attitudes of parents of children with mental disabilities

Evaluating the Testing Effect in the Classroom: An Effective Way to Retrieve Learned Information

An Explanatory Item Response Theory Approach for a Computer-Based Case Simulation Test

Problematic Internet Use and Body Mass Index in University Students

The Development of a Student Teacher Concerns Scale

The Effects of Intertextual Reading Approach on the Development of Creative Writing Skills

Teaching Practice of a Social Studies Practicum Student Who is Blind: a Case Study

Early Prediction of Students' Grade Point Averages at Graduation: A Data Mining Approach