Eurasian Journal of Educational Research
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2015 Issuse59  
Identifying The Relationship Of Teacher Candidates' Humor Styles With Anxiety And Self-Compassion Levels

The Effect of Cooperative Learning on the Learning Approaches of Students with Different Learning Styles

Architectural Design Education Program for Children: Adaptation into Turkish Culture and Analysis of its Effectiveness

Investigation of the Relationship between Learning Process and Learning Outcomes in E-Learning Environments

The Relationship between Teachers' Emotional Labor and Burnout Level

Use of Integrated Curriculum Model (ICM) in Social Studies: Gifted and Talented Students' Conceptions

Investigating Pre-service Gifted Education Teachers' Self-efficacy toward Science Teaching and Scientific Attitudes

An Evaluation of the Turkish Education System outside the Conflict between Old and New

The Relationship between Teachers' Perception about School Managers' Talent Management Leadership and the Level of Organizational Commitment

Determination the Effects of Vocational High School Students' Logical and Critical Thinking Skills on Mathematics Success

Multi-program High School Students' Attitudes and Self-efficacy Perceptions toward Mathematics

The Investigation of Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions about Critical Reading Self-Efficacy