Eurasian Journal of Educational Research
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2015 Issuse 60  
Turkish Version of the Principals' Sense of Efficacy Scale: Validity and Reliability Study

Teachers' Expectations and School Administration: Keys of Better Communication in Schools

Purposes, Causes and Consequences of Excessive Internet Use among Turkish Adolescents

Preschool Teacher Candidates' Research Qualifications and Anxiety Level towards Research

Re-Thinking Assessment: Self- and Peer-Assessment as Drivers of Self-Direction in Learning

Self-Awareness and Personal Growth: Theory and Application of Bloom's Taxonomy

Perceived Social Support, Depression and Life Satisfaction as the Predictor of the Resilience of Secondary School Students: The Case of Burdur

The Effect of Organizational Justice and Perceived Organizational Support on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: The Mediating Role of Organizational Identification

Transformational Leadership and Innovative Climate: An Examination of the Mediating Effect of Psychological Empowerment

Active Listening Strategies of Academically Successful University Students

The Regression Level of Constructivist Learning Environment Characteristics on Classroom Environment Characteristics Supporting Critical Thinking

Teachers' Withdrawal Behaviors and their Relationship with Work Ethic

Integration of Media Design Processes in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education

The Extent to Which the Characteristics of a Metacognitive Oriented Learning Environment Predict the Characteristics of a Thinking-Friendly Classroom

The Effect of Multimedia-Based Learning on the Concept Learning Levels and Attitudes of Students

A Metaphor Analysis of Elementary Student Teachers' Conceptions of Teachers in Student- and Teacher-Centered Contexts