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Eurasian Journal of Educational Research
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  Archives > 2018 Issue 76
2018 Issue 76  
Beyza HIMMETOGLU, Damla AYDUG , Cetin TERZI, Relationships between Political Behaviors of School Principals and Perceived Coworkers? Social Loafing among Teachers*


Ismail KARAKAYA, Mehmet SATA, Ergun Cihat CORBACI, Bayram CETIN, An Investigation of the Factors That Affect High School Students? Attitudes Towards Social Media by CHAID Analysis


Filiz KOC, Investigation of School Effects on Student Achievement in Primary Education Using Value-Added Assessment


Hanife Bensen BOSTANCI, Fatma SENGUL, Who is the Most Effective Agent When Giving Indirect Written Corrective Feedback?


Martin STYNES, Gerry MCNAMARA, Joe O?HARA,An Analysis of Day to Day Activities of a Sample of Primary School Principals in Ireland


Muhammad Ayub BUZDAR, Hina JALAL, Muhammad Naeem MOHSIN, Gaps between Acquired and Required Teacher Education Graduate Attributes: Does Accreditation Influence in Pakistan?


Taha YAZAR, Ozlem LALA, Evaluation of the Problems Encountered in Public Education Centers


Safak KAMAN, Ihsan Seyit ERTEM, The Effect of Digital Texts on Primary Students' Comprehension, Fluency, and Attitude


Sahika UNLU, Curriculum Development Study for Teacher Education Supporting Critical Thinking


Wasis, Kumaidi, Bastari, Mundilarto, Atik Wintarti, Analytical Weighting Scoring for Physics Multiple Correct Items to Improve the Accuracy of Students? Ability Assessment