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2013 (Winter) Issue 50  
20th Century British Colonialism in Cyprus through Education

Belgian and Turkish Pre-service Primary School Teachers' Metaphoric Expressions about Mathematics

Higher Officials' Training Needs on Managerial Competencies in Spanish Universities: Preliminary Findings

Nature of Interactions during Teacher-Student Writing Conferences, Revisiting the Potential Effects of Self-Efficacy Beliefs

Metaphors for the Internet Used by Nursing Students in Turkey: A Qualitative Research

Pre-service Science and Technology Teachers' Mental Images of Science Teaching

Is My Social Studies Teacher Democratic?

The Crisis of the Sociology of Education and Its Reflections in Turkey: On the Critique of Functionalist and Eclecticist Pragmatic Tradition

National Standardization of the Occupational Field Interest Inventory (OFII) for Turkish Culture According to Age and Gender

The Relationship between the Perceptions of the Fairness of the Learning Environment and the Level of Alienation

A Study of the Epistemological Beliefs of Teacher Candidates in Terms of Various Variables

Parents' Voluntary Contributions to Primary Schools Which Are Not Directly Monetary

Grade Level and Creativity