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2013 (Spring) Issue 51  
Transformational Leadership in Educational Context: A Fantasy of Education Scholars

The Prediction of Separation-Individuation in Turkish Late Adolescents through Five Factor Personality Dimensions

Saudi Arabian Science Teachers and Supervisors' Views of Professional Development Needs

Educational Supervisors' Locus of Control

Interpersonal Cognitive Distortions and Stress Coping Strategies of Late Adolescents

Comparison of Two Instructional Strategies for Students with Autism to Read Sight Words

The Role of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in Promoting Learner Autonomy

Freedom of Religion - Conscience, Religious Education and the Right of Education in The 1961 - 1982 Constitutions of The Republic of Turkey and Their Developmental Tendencies

Irrational Beliefs and Abuse in University Students' Romantic Relations

The Predictive Value of Teachers' Perception of Organizational Justice on Job Satisfaction

The Prediction Level of Teachers' Organizational Citizenship Behaviors on the Successful Practice of Shared Leadership

The Effect of Role Ambiguity and Role Conflict on Performance of Vice Principals: The Mediating Role of Burnout

Sample Size for Estimation of G and Phi Coefficients in Generalizability Theory

Elaboration and Organization Strategies Used by Prospective Class Teachers While Studying Social Studies Education Textbooks

Effects of Decision-Making Styles of School Administrators on General Procrastination Behaviors

8th Grade Students' Metaphors for the Concept of History?