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Model Suggestion to Improve Internal Communication Skills

Problem Statement:Abilities like communication, understanding or helping are the behaviours that must be earned by a person whose job is related to communication. Especially while performing their jobs, professionals understand the public and help them more effectively by using their abilities. If the communication is performed in the right way, the quantity of the service increases.

Purpose of the study:The objective of this study is to analyze the effect of “Communication Skills Training Model”. Experimental group has been trained with the Model, control group applied to the experimental group for improving their communication skills, the control group hasn’t been applied the Model.

Method: The study was designed according to pre-test and post-test precedures. The subject of study is composed of security staff working in health services. The study consisted of 145 persons (71 experimental and 74 control).Comunicational skills were measured by “Communication Skills Inventory” which is developed by Balcı and Ersanlı (1998), and has a correlation coefficient of 0.70 with  Communication Skill’s Assessment Scale (Korkut, 1996). The Inventory has Cronbach’s Alpha value 0,913 and three measurements which are concerned with cognitive, emotional and behavioral. Socio-demographic variables are evaluated via a quistionnaire for both groups . After applying “Communication Skills Training Program” to the experimental group, both groups entered the Inventory for the second time. The training model lasted for 12 hours. 

Results: The participants’ scores were statistically highly different between pre-test and post-tests in the experimental group whereas threre were no difference in the control group.

Discussion and Results: This result shows that the training program is effective in improving communication skills. The results of this research which indicated that Communication Skills Education Programme is effective in improving the communication skills of the subjects, support the findings in the literature which indicate the effect of the relevant education programs on the communication skills (Zoost, 1973; Ridley and Sladeczeck, 1992; Markman ve Hahlweg, 1993; Markman et al., 1993; Worthington et al., 1997; Shumate, 1997; Long et al., 1999; Halford et al., 2001). In addition to this, the study of Davis (1995) indicate nonsupporting findings to our study.

Keywords: Communication, Communication Skills, Communication Training, Securty staff

2012 Issue 49/a

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