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Students` Perceptions of Using Google Plus as a Learning Management System

Problem Statement:  Learning Management System as a tool to organize, manage, deliver and evaluate the teaching and learning activities are expanding significantly at the on-campus and off-campus education. Apart from the plenty of benefits of LMSs, there are some restrictions of using LMSs for instructional purposes. At the same time, the expanding of social networking site is also climbing in the field of education.   Therefore, this paper discusses the impact of the using Web 2.0 social media tools through Google Plus as a learning management system for the “History of Science” course at the undergraduate level in computer and instructional technology education

Purpose of Study:  The main purpose of this study was to explore the students` perceptions of using Google Plus to organize the course. The Google Plus circle was used for putting up announcements, distributing resources, and leading online discussions.

Methods: A total of 28 students taking a “History of Science” course at Eastern Mediterranean University in North Cyprus were participated in this study.  An interview session was conducted with the students in order to collect data for this study

Findings and Results: Results indicated that students were mainly pleased with the affordances of Google Plus as the essential utilities of an LMS could be easily implemented in the Google Plus circle. However, using the Google Plus circle as an LMS has certain limitations. Students stated  that Google Plus  did not support  to  upload files directly, and  also they  indicated that most of the posts  were not  reading  regularly

Conclusion and Recommendations:  For the purposes of “History of Science” course, the user friendly interface of Google+ with various features and the visual oriented content nature of “History of Science” course gave freedom and creativity to students in communication, understanding and interaction. Constraints of using the Google Plus circle as an LMS, implications for practice and limitations of this study are discussed.

Keywords: Google Plus, learning management systems, social network sites, North Cyprus.


2012 Issue 49/a

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