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Effects of the Sense - Based Science Education Program on Scientific Process Skills of Children Aged 60 - 66 Months

Purpose: This study aimed to examine the effects of the Sense-Based Science Education Program on 60–66 months old children’s scientific process skills.

Research Methods: In this study, which carries experimental attribute features, the pre-test/final-test/observing-test control grouped experimental pattern, and qualitative research were used. Forty children who are 60–66 months old that attended independent preschool and nursery school classes in 2013–2014 education year took part in this study. Data in the study was collected with Personal Information Forms and Scientific Process Skills Evaluation Scale for 48–66 Months Old Children (SPSES).

Findings: The findings obtained from the research show that the SPSES final-test score averages of the experimental and control groups have a significant level of difference (p<0.05) favoring the experimental group. When the experimental group’s SPSES pre-test/final-test score averages were compared, a significant level of difference (p<0.05) favoring the final-test was seen. When the control group’s SPSES pre-test/final-test scores were compared, again a significant level of difference (p<0.05) was found. Also, when the experimental and control groups’ SPSES finaltest score averages were compared, a significant difference (p<0.05) favoring the experimental group was determined. Though no significant difference was found when the experimental group’s observation test and final-test score averages were compared, when the observation test and pre-test score averages were compared a highly significant level (p<0.05) was found.

Implications for Research and Practice: When the research results were evaluated, it was concluded that the Sense-Based Science Education Program has a positive effect on children’s scientific process skills. Future studies could examine children’s scientific process skills in multifaceted and diverse disciplines

Keywords: preschool early childhood multable sense sense education scientific thinking

2017 Issue 68

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