Eurasian Journal of Educational Research

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Yagmur AMANVERMEZ, Serife Gonca ZEREN, Seher Merve ERUS, Arzu BUYRUK GENC
Supervision and Peer Supervision in Online Setting: Experiences of Psychological Counselors

Purpose:  Psychological counseling, supervision, peer supervision, and consultation in the online setting have become widespread. This study aimed to examine the experiences and opinions of psychological counselors regarding online supervision and peer supervision.  

Research Methods: This qualitative study included six psychological counselors as participants. The data of the study were collected using semi-structured individual interviews and a focus group interview. Written documents and transcriptions of voice recordings were analyzed based on thematic analysis.

Findings: The results of the study related to the supervision experiences of psychological counselors yielded the following themes: role of the supervisor, supervision process, feedback from the supervisor, and the number of psychological counselors and clients. Similarly, themes related to experiences of psychological counselors in peer supervision were as follows: effects of the peers, professional development, and negative perceptions about peer supervision. The opinions of psychological counselors regarding online supervision and peer supervision yielded two themes: the strengths and the drawbacks of the online environment. 

Implications forResearch and Practice: Online supervision can be useful for psychological counselors. However, it is crucial for future studies to investigate the experiences of psychological counselors with diverse characteristics to gain a deeper understanding. Mixed-method studies related to online supervision and peer supervision are recommended for more detailed information. Moreover, online supervision can be provided for psychological counselors-in-training and for professionals aiming to pursue career development.

group supervision, peer supervision, online supervision, online peer supervision

2020 Issue 86

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