Eurasian Journal of Educational Research

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Does Public Leadership Improve School Effectiveness through Strengthening Teacher Professionalism?

Purpose: This study was conducted to investigate the mediating role of teacher professionalism in the relationship between public leadership behaviours of administrators in public schools and school effectiveness.

Method: The present study was designed in a correlational research model and conducted with 482 teachers working in public schools. Simple random sampling was used in this study. The data were collected using Public Leadership Scale, School Effectiveness Index and Teacher Professionalism Scale. With this regard, the mediator role of teacher professionalism in the relationship between public leadership and school effectiveness was determined using path analysis.

Findings: The results of the study indicated that public leadership has a direct and indirect impact on school effectiveness by enhancing teacher professionalism.

Implications for Research and Practice: Given those school principals working at public schools raise awareness of the concepts brought about the new understanding of public management is considered necessary, teacher professionalism should be contributed within the framework of public leadership, and school effectiveness should be sustained.

Keywords:Public leadership, teacher professionalism, public school, school effectivesness, school leadership. 


2020 Issue 90

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