The Role of Cloud Computing in Improving the Performance of School Principals


  • Yusra Jadallah Abed Khasawneh Faculty of Educational Sciences., Department of Educational Administration, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Ajloun National University, Jordan
  • Hani Yousef Jarrah College of Education, Humanities & Social Sciences, Al Ain University, United. Arab Emirates.
  • Raghad Shaher Alsarayreh Al-Balqa’ Applied University, Karak University College, Department of Educational and Social Studies, Karak, Jordan
  • Mohamad Ahmad Saleem Khasawneh Assistant Professor, Special Education Department, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia


Cloud Computing, Improving the Performance, School Principals.


The primary objective of this research endeavour was to evaluate the influence of cloud computing on enhancing the efficacy of school principals within the context of the Ajloun Governorate. Additionally, the study sought to ascertain the extent of accessibility to requisite cloud computing resources and the actualization of administrative proficiency among school principals in the aforementioned region. To attain these research goals, a descriptive research design was employed, adopting a quantitative approach with a questionnaire serving as the principal tool for data collection. The research was conducted on a representative sample of 180 principals, encompassing both male and female individuals, within the Ajloun Governorate. The outcomes of this investigation indicate that both the accessibility to cloud computing requirements and the manifestation of administrative competence among school principals in the Ajloun Governorate were notably high. These findings imply a substantive and positive influence of cloud computing on the enhancement of school principals' performance.