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2013 (Summer) Issue 52  
The Effects of Mother Education Programs on the Functionality, Anger Management and Conflict Solution Levels of Families

Investigation of Mental Models of Turkish Pre-Service Physics Students for the Concept of "Spin"

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Self-Efficacy Scale (TPACK-SeS) for Pre-Service Science Teachers: Construction, Validation, and Reliability

The Psychometric Properties of the Utrecht Homesickness Scale: A Study of Reliability and Validity

The Influence of Problems Faced During Internships on Interns' Views of Their Profession and Their Intention to Work in the Tourism Industry

The Social Problem-Solving Questionnaire: Evaluation of Psychometric Properties Among Turkish Primary School Students

Intergenerational Learning: A Valuable Learning Experience for Higher Education Students

Predicting the Problem Behavior in Adolescents

The Relationship between School Culture and Leadership Practices

Challenges in the Establishment of a New Faculty: Experiences of the Founding Deans and Faculty Members

The Effect of Process Writing Activities on The Writing Skills of Prospective Turkish Teachers