Opinions of Preschool and Classroom Teachers on Using Music in Mathematics Teaching

Cenk Onder OZEN, Yalcin YILDIZ, Zuhal DINC ALTUN
Trabzon University, TURKEY
DOİ: 10.14689/ejer.2021.94.15

Purpose: The present study aims to examine the opinions of preschool and classroom teachers about the use of music in mathematics teaching. Research Methods: This research was conducted using a case study method and the data were obtained through semi-structured face-to-face interviews consisting of open-ended questions. In this study, 30 teachers, of whom 15 were classroom teachers and 15 were preschool teachers participated. The obtained data were analysed using a content analysis method. Findings: Findings obtained in this study showed that students’ attitudes towards mathematics were high. However, teachers faced difficulties in teaching abstract topics in maths and they suggested that music could have positive effects on mathematics lessons. Results indicated that most teachers used music in mathematics lessons yet did not consider themselves competent to utilize music in mathematics lessons. Implications for Research and Practice: Findings obtained in this study suggest that the use of music in mathematics teaching has positive contributions concerning motivation, permanence, participation in class and the elimination of prejudices and negative attitudes towards the lesson. It is suggested that courses, in-service training and seminars for the use of music in mathematics courses can be organized. Finally, mathematics teaching activities with music can be designed and applied, and whether these activities affect students’ attitudes and achievement can be investigated by experimental methods.
Keywords: Music, teachers’ views, mathematics education.