The Effect of Computer-Assisted Applications in the Teaching of “Matter and Heat” Subject”

Mübeccel Yalçın** and Dilek Çelikler***
**Teacher, Samsun Asarcık Boarding Primary School
***Assist.Prof. Dr., Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Education, Samsun-Turkey

Problem Statement: The use of computers in chemistry education is increasing rapidly and becoming a supporting device in teaching abstract concepts and complex subjects. Because of the fact that temperature-heat, matter and structural features are the subjects in which the students mostly have difficulties, we try to confirm the effectiveness of using computer-assisted instruction in those subject matters.
Purpose of Study: The aim of this study is to compare the computer-assisted instruction method with the traditional teaching method in terms of their effectiveness in teaching the “Matter and Heat” unit in the 6th grade science curriculum in primary schools. This study aims to confirm if there is a significant difference in the students’ academic achievement between the two methods, to investigate the effects of computer-assisted instruction on permanent learning, and to identify the students’ points of view about computer-assisted instruction. For this purpose, all the 6th grade students of Asarcık Boarding Primary School of Asarcık in Samsun were enrolled in this study.
Methods: The “Matter and Heat” unit was taught to the control group and experimental group students by the use of computer-assisted instruction and traditional methods. The researcher prepared software by the use of the Macromedia Flash 8.0 programme to serve as a teaching medium for the experimental group. The pre-test, post-test and permanency tests, which were applied to both groups, were analysed by a t-test. In addition, the experimental group students were given an inquiry form and interviewed.
Findings and Results: According to the results, it is revealed that computer-assisted instruction improves academic achievement and permanency and that the students prefer computer-assisted instruction to other traditional methods in which subjects were taught without student comprehension.
Keywords: Computer-assisted instruction (CAI), matter and heat, science and technology, animation.