The Effect of Critical Reading Skills on the Evaluation Skills of the Creative Reading Process

Yasemin BAKI
Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, TURKEY,
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2020.88.9


Purpose: To raise authentically creative individuals, it is compulsory to employ contemporary reading methods. Although critical reading, which is the main medium for accessing the right knowledge, is defined as a sub-category for creative reading in which high cognitive processes are involved, the connection between these has not been clearly put forward. This study aimed at examining the effect of critical reading skills of 5th grade learners on their evaluation skills of creative reading process, and the role of gender in this effect through structural equation modelling.

Research Methods: The study was supported by relational screening model. The study group was formed by simple random sampling and composed of 265 5th grade learners. The data were collected through the Scale for the Evaluation of Creative Reading Process and the Critical Reading Scale. SPSS 23, AMOS 22.0, and structural equation modeling were utilized for data analysis. Maximum Likelihood method was selected in the estimation of parameters related to models which were formed for examining the effect of critical reading skills on the evaluation of creative reading process and the role of gender. To this end, fit indices (χ2/df, CFI, GFI, TLI, NFI, IFI, RMSEA, and SRMR) were used.

Findings: The study demonstrated that all hypotheses models were valid; critical reading skills explained the evaluation skills of creative reading process by 57%, and that they had a direct and strong impact on the evaluation skills of the critical reading process. In the femalelearner model, critical reading skills affected the evaluation skills by 43%, whereas the malelearner model explained this effect by 67%. In addition, both models bear a direct and strong impact.

Implications for Research and Practice: The results of the study reveal that critical reading skill is a significant predictor for the evaluation of the creative reading process. It can be stated that the evaluation skills of the creative reading process may improve in conjunction with the development of critical reading skills.

Keywords: Critical reading, creative reading, gender, 5th-grade learners.