The Possible Effects of 4th Industrial Revolution on Turkish Educational System

Zeynep Meral TANRIOGEN
Pamukkale University, TURKEY
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2018.77.9


Purpose: We can see by reviewing the relevant literatüre that only half of the eight characteristics of Industry 4.0 have been studied for education and the other four characteristics still need to be investigated such as “internet of things”, “autonomous robots”, “cyber physical systems”, “vertical and horizontal integrations”. The purpose of this research was to determine the possible affects of the eight characteristics of Industry 4.0 on the Turkish Educational System.

Research Method: This research was a qualitative case study designed as a holistic-single case. The data of this study were collected through focus group interviewing. In order to better determine the study group, the maximum variation sampling technique was used as a purposive sampling method. For this purpose, the study group was formed by experienced school managers, assistant principals, teachers working in the education system, and candidate teachers who have yet to experience the teaching profession. It is preferred to use content analysis procedures for understanding the data.

Findings: Participants’ opinions about the possible effects of Industry 4.0; for academic achievement is concentrated mostly on the “Internet of things, Big Data and Cyber Physical Systems”; for the teaching profession is affected greatly by Autonomous Robots and Cyber Physical Systems.

Implications for research and practice: For the participants’ estimations, the eight characteristics of Industry 4.0 will affect communication in school, academic achievement of students, school concept, teaching profession and the future of society. The candidate teachers made further predictions. Researchers need to further study the eight characteristics of Industry 4.0 regarding the effects on academic achievement.

Keywords: Industry 4.0, Autonomous Robots, Internet Of Things, Education 4.0, Big Data, Augmented Reality.