University Students’ Expectations about the Elective Music Course

Ankara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, TURKEY
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2020.87.9


Purpose: This study aimed to elicit the course-related expectations of students studying in different faculties at Ankara University who took an elective music course. More specifically, the students’ reasons for enrolling in the music course, their expectations about the objectives, the teaching processes and evaluation process of this course, and whether these expectations were differed according to the presence/absence of previous amateur music education were investigated.

Research Methods: In this descriptive research, the data were collected using a questionnaire form developed by the researcher. This research was conducted with 552 students. For the data analysis, frequency-percentage values were calculated using the Mann-Whitney U and chi-square tests.

Findings: The greatest expectation of the students from the course aims was to recognize the different genres of music. The genres of music that the participants would most preferred to see in the course content was Turkish Folk Music. The most preferred evaluation process of the course was tests with multiple-choice questions. The students’ reasons for choosing music as an elective course, their expectations concerning the teaching processes of the course, and their views on the opening of new courses differed according to whether or not they had received any amateur music education before attending university.

Implications for Research and Practice: In line with the results, it can be suggested that courses with different content related to various areas of music should be made available. Curriculum development studies can be undertaken for these courses, and their potential effects on students can be investigated.

Keywords: Music course, university students, elective courses, amateur music training