A Case Study Regarding of the Parental Responsibilities to Their Children

Bilgen KIRAL
Aydin Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Education, Educational Administration Department, Efeler, Aydin, TURKEY
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2020.85.4

Purpose: This research was conducted to identify the responsibilities the parents did not fulfill. It was carried out in a primary school in Aydin province in the first half of the 2018-2019 academic year.
Research Method: The research was a qualitative research design and a case study. A descriptive case study was adopted in this study. Nine primary school teachers were recruited according to the criterion sampling method. The data was gathered by a semi-structured interview form and descriptive data analysis was conducted.
Results: According to the results of the study, it was found that the parents in the primary school did not fulfill their responsibilities adequately.
These unfulfilled responsibilities were physical, educational and emotional responsibilities. The reasons for not being able to perform parental responsibilities were listed as economic, parent or family-related causes.
Implications for Research and Practice: The study suggested that students should get free breakfast at school; couples should get parental training both before and after they have become parents, public service advertisements on responsibilities of parents should be broadcasted on TVs, and talks of imams should include the importance of parental responsibilities in their Friday preaches. These suggestions are believed to increase parents’ participation in school activities and encourage them to comply with their parental responsibilities. Also, suggestions for researchers are given. The same research could be carried out in schools with low and high socio-economic students or private schools and public schools to make comparisons.
Keywords: Primary school, responsibility, class teacher, parents, parental responsibilities