An Evaluation on Determining the Relation between Listening Skill and Social-Emotional Learning Skill

Betul Yılmaz ABALI*, Hulya YAZICI
Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, TURKEY
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2020.89.4


Purpose: This study, based on the hypothesis which supports the idea that students having high level of listening skill have a good social learning skill, aimed to determine the relationship between listening skill and social emotional learning skill and to specify the relation level if a relation was detected.

Method: The research was a relational study in scanning model. Quantitative data collection methods were used in the study. It was examined how listening skills of secondary school students predict their social emotional learning skills. The research group consisted of 581 6th grade students from different socioeconomic and demographic classes studying at nine different secondary schools in central districts of Antalya city. To analyze the data, Pearson correlation analysis, multiple regression analysis, and frequency distributions were utilized and descriptive data such as arithmetic mean and standard deviation were used. Multiple regression analysis was carried out to find answers for the research questions.

Findings: It was found out that there is a significant relationship among listening skills and communication skills, problem solving skills, stress coping skills and other skills enhancing self-worth which are the sub-dimensions of social and emotional learning skills.

Implications for Research and Practice: Research findings indicated that listening skill does not relate only to the field of Turkish Teaching. Therefore, activities to improve the social and emotional learning skill could be used together with listening activities and plans and regular studies could be carried out to turn these two skills into basic life skills. In this study, the relationship between social and emotional learning skills and listening skill as one of Turkish language skills was examined. The relationship between social and emotional learning skills and speaking, writing and reading skills, which are other Turkish language skills, could also be analyzed.

Keywords: Turkish education, listening, social emotional learning