Analysis of EFL Teachers’ Use of Digital Components: Evidence from Self-Report and Classroom Observation

English Language Teaching Dept., Gaziantep University, TURKEY.
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2018.74.3


Purpose: A coursebook is ranked among the fundamentals of language teaching, which directly affects the success of classroom activities. Therefore, investigations into the nature and efficiency of this relationship should yield invaluable insights to improving language teaching. In this regard, this study aims to investigate EFL teachers’ views regarding the necessity of such software, its actual use in teaching, and its perceived advantages.

Research Methods: In this study, a mixed research design was used, in which qualitative and quantitative research methods were used together. For these purposes, three different data collection tools were employed throughout this study: a) a survey, b) classroom observations, and c) post-observation interviews. First, a total of 74 participants were surveyed, and then 14 of them were observed while teaching and were interviewed afterwards.

Findings: Coursebook software was most commonly utilized within listening tasks and least commonly utilized in writing tasks. Active use time was observed to be 143 minutes, which is 20% of the total teaching time. The passive use time of the tool was calculated to be 511 minutes (73.5%), and the digital tool was turned off for a duration of 46 minutes (6.5%). Semi-structured interviews revealed three main themes: attractive presentation of the content, effective teaching, and classroom management.

Implications for Research and Practice: It is crucial to equip EFL teachers with the skills needed to employ the digital components of coursebooks effectively. The availability of classrooms equipped with ICT tools—including a computer with internet connection, a projector, and speakers for audio, as well as in-service training on the effective use of ICT tools at the host institution—promote positive attitudes towards ICT among the teachers; therefore, these facilities should be made available to EFL teachers.

Keywords: Classroom activity, coursebook digital support, interactivity, language teaching, teacher attitudes.