Cultural Adaptation of Headmasters’ Transformational Leadership Scale and a Study on Teachers’ Perceptions

Aydin BALYER, Kenan OZCAN*
*Dr. YTU School of Foreign Languages.
**Dr. Adiyaman University, College of Education.


Problem Statement: Transformational leadership increases organization members’ commitment and engagement in meeting organizational goals and it enhances skills and capacities. Many studies reveal that transformational leadership behaviors, such as idealized influence, inspirational motivation, individualized consideration, innovative climate, and intellectual stimulation, are positively related to better performance and increased job satisfaction. It is considered that since managers of the future will be transformational leaders, they should be trained as transformational leaders.

Purpose of the Study: The main purpose of this study is to introduce usability of the Cross-Cultural Adaptation if Headmasters’ Transformational Leadership Scale. It also purposes to discover headmasters’ behaviors based on teachers’ perceptions.

Keywords: Teachers’ perceptions, transformational leadership, transformational leaders, headmasters.