Evaluation Model for Evaluating Vocational Skills Programs on Local Content Curriculum in Indonesia: Impact of Educational System in Indonesia

1Corresponding Author, Postgraduate Program, Yogyakarta State University
2Mathematics Education , Riau Islamic University,
33Postgraduate program, Yogyakarta State University,
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2019.82.3


Purpose: The impact of decentralization on education systems requires the local government to develop local content curriculum to preserve regional characteristics and local uniqueness through education. Practice in the field revealed problems in terms of implementation so that the development of an evaluation model in accordance with the characteristics of the region is necessary. The purpose of this study was to produce an evaluation model for evaluating vocational skills programs on the local content curriculum.

Method: This was a developmental study consisting of three phases: 1) The initial investigative phase was conducted by interviewing vice-principals and vocational skills programs teachers;2) The design phase was carried out by making an instrument, evaluation guide, evaluation procedure and the effectiveness of the model assessment sheet; 3) The trial phases were carried out by performing readability test, small-scale trial, and large-scale trial.

Results: The results of the readability test indicated that evaluation instrument, evaluation guide, and evaluation procedure were feasible to use, and according to experts the model was very effective to evaluate vocational skills programs on the local content curriculum. The result of the small-scale trial showed that the 24 items developed were valid and reliable. Large-scale trial results indicated that the instrument had acceptable validity and reliability of the construct.

Implications for Research and Practice: Evaluation models that have been developed, validated by experts, validated by practitioners and trials on the small and large-scale can contribute to improving vocational skills programs on the local content curriculum developed by local governments throughout Indonesia and even other countries.

Key words: Evaluation model, vocational skills programs, local content curriculum.