Interactive Whiteboards in Higher Education: Instructors First Impressions

Cihad DEMIRLI* and Yalin Kilic TUREL**
*Assistant Prof.Dr., Istanbul Commerce University, Department of Educational Sciences.
**Assistant Prof.Dr., Firat University, Department of Computer Education & Instructional Technology,


Problem Statement: Recently, in the context of the technology integration in school settings, the importance and the portion of interactive whiteboard (IWB) use have been increased gradually in all over the world. As the costs of IWBs have declined and their features have been improved, the availability of IWBs in schools has become pervasive. This situation arises several questions such as ” how instructors effectively use IWB in their classrooms” and “how the potential and effective use of IWBs can be improved.” For relatively a new technology being used by instructors in schools, the perceptions and perspectives of instructors are considered essential to answer such questions.

Keywords: Interactive whiteboard, instructors’ perceptions, higher education, technology integration.