Perceptions of Teachers about a Web-Support System as a Means of Technology Integration

Serdar Engin KOÇ* and M. Yaşar ÖZDEN**
*Dr.: Başkent University, Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies,
**Prof. Dr.: Middle East Technical University, Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies


Problem Statement: Although a web-based support system is used to support courses in many ways in education, in-service training of teachers mostly depends on classes, workshops and follow-up studies. However, due to working and studying at the same time, teachers face many challenges. They need more communication and more support during inservice training.

Purpose of the Study: This study aims at understanding the perceptions of teachers and trainers of a web-support system integrated into an in-service teacher training program at a state university in Turkey.

Methodology: This is a case study using action research strategy under qualitative research paradigm. 6 teacher trainers, 8 trainees involved in an in-service teacher training program at a state university constituted the participants of the study. The sampling method used in this study was convenience sampling. A web-support system was developed by the researcher and implemented for a semester after piloting. Demographic Survey, Needs Analysis Interview, and Interview Guides I and II as data collection instruments and program documents, field notes, logs to the website, and e-mails exchanged as additional data sources were employed. Teachers and trainers were interviewed about the implementation of the web-support system.

Findings: The analysis of the interviews indicated that both teachers and trainers perceived the web-support system as partly beneficial and its integration into the curriculum to be partial. They suggested some compulsory activities should be added to the web-support system and some sessions should be provided online.

Conclusion and Recommendations: Most of the trainee and trainer beliefs were supportive of using and integrating technology, but through the implementation of the web support, some of them achieved what they wanted and some did not. There were different views about the success of the technology integration. Teachers’ comments indicate that they want proper and close technical support and organization. Trainees declared that they felt autonomy when they studied on their own through the materials on the web support and when they e-mailed the trainers as it became necessary. Comments made by trainees showed their effort to implement what they saw and they were willing to go through this process on their own. It was observed that the online learning community expected was not established due to insufficient sharing and cooperation. Recommendations were made for improving the web-support system as an integral part of in-service training programs.

Keywords: In-service teacher training, web-support, online learning, case study, action research, professional development