Problem Solving Skills and Self-Image of Students Subject to Disciplinary Measurements

Asuman BOLKAN, Ebru CAKICI* and Mehmet CAKICI**
Msc., Psychological Counselor, International Cyprus University, Psychological Counseling and
Guidance Department.
** Assoc. Prof. Dr., Near East University, Department of Psychology.


Problem Statement: In adolescence period school plays an important role in socialization and students who have misconduct at school are at risk for drop-out and low academic achievement. It is important to understand reasons of misconduct at school and take preventive measurements.

Purpose of Study: The aim of this study is to compare the problem solving skills and self-image of the high school students who were imposed disciplinary penalty at school with the ones who were not.

Methods: The research was conducted at 6 different high schools in TRNC. 102 students that took disciplinary penalty at these schools were chosen randomly. Another 102 students who were not given disciplinary punishment, but who had similar family backgrounds were taken as the control group. The questionnaire applied contained questions about socio- demographic characteristics of the students and ‘Problem Solving Inventory- PSI’ and ‘Offer Self -Image Questionnaire-OSIQ’.

Keywords: discipline, high school, self-esteem, problem solving