Relationship between Political Discrimination Level Perceived by Teachers and Teachers’ Organizational Cynicism Levels

1Assist. Prof. Dr. Faculty of Education, Sabahattin Zaim University, İstanbul, Turkey.
2Prof. Dr. Faculty of Science and Literature, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, Turkey.
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2016.63.4


Problem Statement: Political discrimination is directed against individuals on the basis of their political party membership and views, including their socio-political and moral attitudes. People subjected to discrimination have a high level of professional exhaustion, slow upward career mobility, low morale and performance, less initiative, psychological problems, low job satisfaction and physical health problems. Political discrimination and cynicism, an unfavored attitude within an organization, were seen to possibly have a relationship, and an empirical test was, therefore believed to contribute to the literature.

Aim of the study: This study aims to reveal the relationship between the political discrimination level perceived by teachers in school and their organizational cynicism level.

Method of the study: This research utilizes a correlational screening format. The study group consists of 280 elementary school teachers serving in central district of Kirsehir province. The Political Discrimination Scale for Teachers and the Organizational Cynicism Scale for Teachers were used to determine political discrimination levels perceived by teachers and their organizational cynicism level respectively.

Results of the study: Findings of the research revealed a medium level of significant relationship between political discrimination perceived by teachers and their organizational cynicism. Additionally, discrimination in social relationships and discrimination in administrative affairs were found to affect organizational cynicism. Accordingly, discrimination in social relationships and administrative affairs was found to be a significant predictor of organizational cynicism.

Conclusion and Recommendations: Results of the study demonstrate a relationship between political discrimination and organizational cynicism, and teachers’ perceptions of political discrimination play a significant role in promoting cynical behavior. The study recommends that to decrease teachers’ cynicism, school principals should assure that teachers are not experiencing political discrimination in school.

Keywords: Organizational behavior, school administration, unethical behavior.