Restructuring Teacher Policies for the sustainability of the Teaching Profession in Kuwait

Restructuring Teacher Policies for the sustainability of the Teaching Profession in Kuwait

  • Fatimah Alhashem , PhD, Assistant Professor of Education, Chair of Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research, Member at Kuwait Soroptimist English Department, College of Arts & Sciences, Gulf University for Science & Technology,


Purpose: The Kuwaiti context in relation to teaching profession is challenging, and the current policies are inadequate for improving teacher effectiveness and making major progress in education. The focus of the paper is the description of the set of teacher policies framework to analyze and assess teacher policies, as well as a review of the evidence base that supports it. Methodology: In order to identify the changes needed, a qualitative study was conducted to review the current teachers’ policies and regulations. The participants of the study included teachers, department heads, assistant directors, and school directors from all public and private education institutions across all educational districts, and also a few directors of administration from various educational regions and Islamic education institutions.

Findings: it was found that although the NTFW had outlined the teacher quality standards to be adopted in higher education national policies, the Kuwaiti government has not yet utilized these newly developed national standards for teachers that explicitly defined the knowledge, skills, and competencies that a prospective teacher needs to possess in order to be hired. Implications to Research and practice: While the review did not present a blueprint for action, nor was it meant to, it is hoped that the findings and recommendations provided therein would help identify the first steps towards the provision of a roadmap for sustained career-long of teachers in Kuwait and provide a basis for the formulation of policies on which a Teacher Education Strategy and a National Teacher Framework can be built.

Keywords: Teacher policies; Education Reform; Effective Teaching; Preservice programs