Students’ Views And Estimation Levels Concerning Their Self-Achievements Based On Learning Diaries: A Case Study Of The Human Anatomy Course

Dilber POLAT1, Yasemin GODEK2, Volkan Hasan KAYA3,*
1Kırsehir Ahi Evran University, TURKEY
2The Ministry of Youth and Sports, TURKEY
3The Ministry of National Education, TURKEY
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2021.94.10

Purpose: The learning diary is an alternative assessment tool that proves what learners learn, to what extent they learn, and reflects the learning process. This study aims to analyze the reflection in the learning diaries kept by the third-grade science teachers on their procrastination behaviors, their expectations of achievements, and their views on their learning process. To enable them to gain the ability to estimate their success and to approach it from an objective and critical perspective. Method: This research was conducted with a convergent parallel design from mixed-methods. The survey and case study models were used in the quantitative and the qualitative phase respectively. Sixty-eight student teachers were selected based on criterion sampling. Both quantitative and qualitative data were concurrently collected for eleven weeks. A learning diary developed by the researchers, four quizzes, mid-term and final exam documents, and a structured interview form consisting of four questions were used. Results: Learning diaries reduced students’ procrastination behavior, provided them with regular study behavior and attendance to class. Self-control taught them to use time effectively, encouraged them to research, gave responsibility, reduced their exam anxiety, and reduced attempts to cheat. As the process progressed, students estimated their success more realistically. Implications for Research and Practice: Learning diaries that build a large number of positive behaviors should be used by teachers and lecturers in their teaching. This can be through special adaptations in their subject areas, especially, the use of “digital diaries” and “blogs” is encouraged.
Keywords: Learning diary, anatomy course, estimation of success.