Teacher Views on the Applicability of Mastery Learning Model in Teaching Learning Process

Suleyman GOKSOY
Associate Prof. Dr. University of Duzce, Faculty of Education, Educational Sciences, Konuralp Campus, D├╝zce.
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2018.78.10


Purpose of the study: The purpose of the sudy wasto determine teacher views on teaching and learning in terms of the aspects of mastery learning method. To this aim, the following questions were examined: Do teachers believe that all students can learn all the course subjects, why? Do teachers believe that they can teach all the subjects of a course, why?

Method: In the research, phenomenology (phenomenological method) was used as a qualitative research method. The phenomena investigated in the study was the views of teachers on whether they could teach mastery and whetherstudents could learn mastery. Interview method was used in data collection, and the data were analyzed using content analysis techniques. Purposeful sampling method was carried out in determining the study group. The study group consisted of 15 volunteer teachers who worked in various educational stages in 2016-2017 academic year in Duzce province.

Findings and results: Expectation perceptions of participant teachers towards teaching all subjects and students’ learning levels were frequently low due to their own beliefs, environmental conditions, school facilities, and individual differences among students.

Conclusions and recommendations: The results of the current study are worrisome in terms of qualified and effective school principles. Besides, this study demonstrates that both interdisciplinary and interinstitutional cooperations, trainings and support activities should be carried out in order to eliminate the negativities in teachers’ perceptions towards students’ learning levels and in their self-efficacy levels about their teaching skills.

Keywords: Student, teacher, learning expectation, teaching expectation.