Teaching Practice of a Social Studies Practicum Student Who is Blind: a Case Study

Erdoğan KAYA
Dr., Anadolu University, Faculty of Education.


Problem Statement: It is emphasized in the Council of Europe’s action plan for people with disabilities (PD) that it is important to solve the employment problem to enable PD to integrate into society and improve the quality of their lives. In order to achieve this, educational opportunities along with employment for PD at places in which physical conditions are adjusted should be provided. Disability prevents PD from joining educational life which also increases the burden of their disability. Education will help them integrate with the society they live in and therefore prevent isolation. However, some people in Turkey have doubts about the professional competencies of PD.

Purpose of Study: In this study, the social studies teaching practice conducted by a practicum student who is blind is described.

Methods: The holistic single case design, which is one of the qualitative research techniques, was used through interviews and observations in this study. The university supervisor, mentor teacher, sighted practicum students and students who continually interact with the main participant who is a blind practicum student (BPS) make up the other participants. In analyzing the student interviews, content analysis was carried out.

Findings and Results: The findings of the study are as follows: first Impressions of the BPS, the BPS beginning the lesson, classroom management, teaching the lesson, evaluation, ending the lesson, his differences from other practicum students, the problems that occur in the social studies lessons of the BPS, suggestions for the BPS’s lessons.

Conclusions and Recommendations: The results suggest that all school stakeholders should be educated and prepared for the education process with people who are blind or visually impaired (BVI). This practice conducted by the BPS revealed the importance of education, social and physical conditions.

Keywords: Social studies lessons, teaching practice, people who are blind, practicum student who is blind.