The Effect of Cooperative Learning: University Example

Busra TOMBAK* Sertel ALTUN**
Research Assist. Yıldız Teknik University,e-mail:
** Asisst. Prof.Dr. Yıldız Teknik University, e-mail:e-mail:
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2016.64.10


Problem Statement: Motivation is a significant component of success in education, and it is best achieved by constructivist learning methods, especially cooperative Learning (CL). CL is a popular method among primary and secondary schools, but it is rarely used in higher education due to the large numbers of students and time restrictions. The literature does not give much space to the use of CL and its motivational effects. This study aimed to fill this gap in the literature and practice.

Purpose of the Study: This study sought to investigate the effects of CL on students’ motivation and student products at university level.

Method: With an implementation of CL at a university, this study was performed with mixed-method techniques. Jigsaw and Team-Game- Tournament techniques were implemented in two sections of a selective course at a state university in Istanbul, Turkey to outline the motivational effects of CL on students between the ages of 18 and 25. To reach more satisfying results, a mixed methodology was used and pre- and postmotivation questionnaires were supported with document analysis of students’ products.

Findings: The study showed that the university level is not a hazardous place to implement CL. On the contrary, it is a fruitful level to see positive motivational effects. Both the qualitative and quantitative data supported the positive effect of CL on students’ motivation and cooperative learning strategies.

Conclusion and Recommendations: Based on the findings, it could be asserted that CL is effective on students’ motivation and cooperative learning strategies. Especially for students at faculties of education, the use of CL was rather generous in terms of their own learning. As their profession involves teaching how to learn, it is important that they know the specific path.

Keywords: Cooperative Learning, motivation, teacher training, higher education.