The Effects of Working in Public or Private Schools on Job Satisfaction of Teachers in Turkey: A Meta-Analysis Study

Kırşehir Ahi Evran University, TURKEY
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2020.89.9


Purpose: The main problem of this study is to investigate whether the school type (private/public) has any effects on job satisfaction of teachers or not to reveal the effects of the school type (private/public) on job satisfaction of teachers in Turkey.

Research Methods: In this study, as one of the research synthesis methods, the meta-analysis method was used. In the analysis of the data, one of the group comparison meta-analysis methods, the Group Difference Method was used.

Findings: According to the results of this research, in accordance with the random effects model (d=.56; [.41; .70]), a statistically significant medium level of effect size was detected in favor of teachers working in private schools concerning the school type variable. As a result of the conducted moderator analysis, it was determined that the effect sizes of the studies varied by the grade of education (p=.002), and the place of research (p=.00). Effect sizes of the studies did not differ significantly publication type (p=.07), the title of the teacher (p=.13), and the scale (p=.23).  

Implications for Research and Practice: In the context of this meta-analysis study, the findings suggest that qualitative and quantitative studies discussing which factors are effective in high job satisfaction of teachers working in private schools should be carried out

Keywords: Job satisfaction, teacher, meta-analysis, private and public school