The Phenomenology of Interdisciplinary Content: Contemporary Art Course

1Bursa Uludag University, TURKEY.
2Anadolu University, TURKEY.
3Anadolu University, TURKEY.
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2021.93.2


Purpose: During the contemporary art lesson, it is important to have trainee teachers who are worthy individuals with an artist identity in society, experience education that makes them ask questions and think in life. In this research, the aim was to explain as meaning or information, how all the participants experience the interdisciplinary situation in contemporary art instruction.

Method: This research was structured with qualitative research techniques and phenomenological design. The participants of the study were 13 students who follow the lesson consistently, the instructor of the lesson, and four guest instructors from various fields. To clarify the phenomenon, in addition to reviews, observation data, and various documents related to the lesson were collected and thus a variety of data was obtained. All the acquired data were analyzed with the thematic analysis method.

Findings: After analyzing the data, four distinct categories emerged under the main category of Selecting and Organizing the Content. These are Key Concepts, Chronology Identification, Milestones, and Interdisciplinarity.

Implications for Research and Practice: According to the outcomes, it can be said that the interdisciplinarity content organizing approach includes some fundamental characteristic qualities. The content of the contemporary art lesson has a body that includes the knowledge of various fields, multiculturality, one hundred-broad and milestones, and a complex and paradoxical knowledge structure including modern and postmodern perspectives. The instructor converted the knowledge into interdisciplinary content by including various experts from various disciplines as a disciplinarian and utilizing an integrated content approach during the contemporary art lesson.

Keywords: Complex knowledge structure, complexity theory, postmodern art education, visual arts education, teacher training.