The Problems that Secondary School Administrators’ and Teachers’ Face Regarding Strategic Administration

Sukru ADA
Uludağ University, TURKEY
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2018.78.8


Purpose of the Study: This study aims to determine attitudes of teachers and school administrators towards strategic planning based on their perception and whether their views on strategic planning differs in relation to factors such as gender, educational level, years of experience and position.

Method: The sample for the study consists of 383 teachers and school administrators working in secondary schools in Palandöken, Aziziye and Yakutiye municipalities of the city of Erzurum, during the academic year of 2015-2016. Data were collected via Strategic Administration Problem Scale developed by Cetin (2012). For the data analysis of the data, in addition to descriptive statistics, T-test, Anova, and Tukey HSD multi comparison tests were used.

Findings: Findings of the study showed that, administrators’ views on strategic planning do not differ based on years of experience. Insufficient data, it was not possible to compare gender and education level variables. On the other hand, teachers’ views on strategic planning showed significant differences based on years of experience variable. Similar to administrators’ data, there was not sufficient data for gender and education level variable for teachers as well.

Discussion and Suggestions: School administrators’ views on strategic planning are found to be positive; they are aware of their responsibilities and they acknowledge active role of administrators in strategic administration. In addition, participants were to be found in agreement regarding the institutional problems administrators and teachers face in strategic administration, which are; teachers’ lack of knowledge in strategic administration, lack of communication between stakeholders, and lack of support for the practices of strategic planning.

Keywords: School administrators, strategy, strategic planning, teachers, secondary education.