Factors Related with Marital Adjustment

*PhD student, Near East University, Deparment of Psychological Counseling of Guidance, Nicosia.
**Associate Professor Dr., Psychiatrist, Near East University, Department of Psychology, Nicosia.


Problem Statement: Marital adjustment is effected from multiple factors. Finding the factors that effect marital adjustment may be helpful to understand the problems which should be worked through the marital counseling.

Purpose of the Study: The goal of this study is to determine the factors related with marital adjustment among married individuals living in Nicosia.

Method: The sample of this study is formed from 309 married individuals working at public and private workplaces in Nicosia. To collect data “Demographic Information Form (DIF)”, “Marital Adjustment Scale (MAS)” developed by Locke and Wallance (1959), “Marital Problem-Solving Scale (MPSS)” developed by Baugh, Avery and Sheets-Haworth (1982), “Empathic Tendency Scale (ETS)” developed by Dökmen (1989) and “Communication Skills Evaluation Scale (CSES)” developed by Korkut (1999) were applied. The data was analyzed with SPSS computer program; frequency, percentages, multiple regression analysis, chi-square analysis and Student’s t-test were used.

Findings and Results: According to the scores of MAS, the group was divided into two subgroups as having good marital adjustment and poor marital adjustment. The good marital adjustment group was found to have significantly higher MPSS, ETS and CSES scores (p< 0.000). They had more children (p=0.006) and better relations with the participant’s and his/her partner’s family of origin (p< 0.000). Multiple regression analysis was performed to determine the factors that predict MAS score. MPSS score, age of the spouse, age of the participant and having good relations with the participant’s family of origin were found to be predictive.

Conclusions and Recommendations: The findings suggest that during marital counseling developing problem solving skills may be very helpful. The relationship with family of origin also seems to be a very important factor for marital adjustment in our culture. Special emphasize should be given to problem solving skills and relation with family of origin in marital counseling and psychotherapy.

Keywords: Marital adjustment, marital satisfaction, marital problem solving, empathy, communication.