Investigation of Parental Involvement Tasks as Predictors of Primary Students’ Turkish, Math, and Science & Technology Achievement

Suleyman Nihat SAD
Inonu University, Deoartment of Educational Sciences.


Problem statement: Parental involvement is used as an umbrella term to imply parents’ efforts to take an active role in their children’s education. In this sense it takes many forms ranging from parent child communication to participating/volunteering in school activities. Although parental involvement is one condition for students’ success, the relation between parental involvement and academic achievement must be studied through a task- and grade (age)-specific approach.

Purpose of the study: It was aimed to investigate the parental involvement tasks as predictors of primary students’ (1st to 5th) Turkish, math, and science & technology achievement in the form of end-of-the-year scores.

Method: The study was designed as an associational model employing the correlation method. The participants were 1590 parents. They were parents of first to fifth grade students from six primary schools in Malatya province. Turkish Parental Involvement Scale (TPIS), which includes 39 items under 8-factors (parental involvement tasks), was used to gather data from parents as the predictive (independent) variable. Also, these parents’ children’s end-of-the-year achievement scores from Turkish, math, and science & technology courses were used in regression analyses as the predicted (dependent) variable.

Keywords: Parental involvement, primary students, academic achievement, Turkish, math, science & technology.