The Visual Memory-Based Memorization Techniques in Piano Education

Giresun University, State Conservatory, Giresun, Turkey.
DOI: 10.14689/ejer.2016.65.07


Problem Statement: Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the leading composers of the baroque period. In addition to his huge contributions in the artistic dimension, he also served greatly in the field of education. This study has been done for determining the impact of visual memory-based memorization practices in the piano education on the visual student. Problem statement is what is the effect of memorization techniques and visual elements usage in reciting skill?

Methods: This research is an empirical study, which was done with the control group. 12 sophomore students from the Bolu University Division of Musical Education were chosen to form the groups. Their levels were determined, and the experiment and control groups were built up with 6 students in each. Following the preliminary test implemented on the experiment and control groups, the students in experiment group were informed about the memorization techniques for 6 weeks. Then the inventions were practiced by them. The students in the control group were not trained or informed about the memorization techniques. At the end of this period, the measurements applied in the preliminary test were re-implemented to the members of both of the groups. The data extracted out in the preliminary and final tests were statistically analyzed.

Findings and Results: As a result of applying the Mann Whitney U and Wilcoxon signed rank tests to the data obtained from the tests, it was found out that there were no differences between experiment and control groups in the level of preliminary tests. Moreover, it was pointed out that in the final test, a substantial difference of level emerged in favor of the experiment group. As a result of this case, it was concluded that the experiment group that had memorization practices acquired positive development in favor of playing the inventions from their own memory. The proposals around this result were introduced in the study.

Keywords: Piano Education, Learning  Styles, Memorization, Invention.