Assessment of Environmental Awareness and Sensitivity of TRNC Republican Assembly Members and Staff

Askin KIRAZ*, Serkan ILSEVEN** and Ejdan SADRAZAM**
*Assist. Prof. Dr., Near East University, Ataturk Faculty of Education,
**TRNC Republican Assembly.


Problem Statement: Thought and behaviour patterns or habits of the people constitute the foundation of environmental problems. Assemblies, where the first step of the environmental protection awareness is taken politically, are supporting the recognition of this necessity with recently increased number of laws, and motivating individuals towards becoming eco-friendly. From this point, the problem sentence of this research was determined as “What is the level of the environmental attitudes, sensitivities and awareness among the staff and members of the TRNC Republican Assembly?”.

Purpose of Study: The purpose of this study is to determine and associate the environmental attitudes, sensitivities and awareness of the staff and members of the TRNC Republican Assembly, which is the centre where generally the laws, and specifically the environmental laws are drafted and implemented, and thus the environmental sensitivity of which is vital.

Methods: The correlational survey model has been conducted in this research which is a quantitative study. The sample group is comprised of 44 persons randomly selected among 150 Republican Assembly members and staff. Data is collected by means of a questionnaire comprised of 3 sections and 72 items, which evaluates environmental awareness and environmental attitude. SPSS 16 programme is used for analysing the data. The data is analysed using arithmetic mean, frequency-percentage distribution, t-test, and one-way analysis of variance.

Findings and Results: The evident obtained as result of the research suggest that the environmental attitudes / awareness of assembly members and staff is at “average frequency”; that there is a significant correlation between awareness / attitude and variables of age, education level, and the environmental education they have received in the past; and that, on the contrary, there is not significant difference in terms of the variables of gender and seniority.

Conclusions and Recommendations: The general arithmetic means of answers given to Environmental Awareness Scale and Environmental Attitude Scale by staff and members of the Assembly showed a “medium frequency” level. In order to ensure and sustain environmental protection and environmental awareness, first of all education of persons should be supported. Environmental education lessons should be given to increase the low levels of environmental perception among TRNC Republican Assembly members and staff, who should be provided with certain knowledge, perception, and skills related to this issue.

Keywords: Environment, TRNC Republican Assembly, environment protection, environmental education, environmental awareness