Evaluation of Measuring the Effects of Graphic Images Presentation in Visual Media to Secondary School Students in TRNC

Dr., Near East University.


Problem Statement: Since the 20th century up to present time, development and change exist in intense form, all the systems reflecting the developments through emerging products that reflect their own ideas are found in various developments. Mass media means have shown substantial development in this system and have formed means which affect broad masses. Cinema and television in particular, developing technique, speed, and with its approach to reality, influence and manipulate the masses have managed to become a strategic means of mass communication. Recently, as a result of an increase in the number and rating of television, the concept of ‘cultural media’ has been suggested. Through different means and channels of the media, intensive and rapid effects on the societies require a conscious media literacy training of young people. In the narrative techniques of cinema, from the point of content and form, the method of developing critical perspective on television passes through the knowledge of cinema.

Purpose of the study: In short, the aim of this study is find out the effects of television on children’s and young peoples’s behavior and consumption reflexes.

Keywords: media culture, media literacy, cinema, television, critical thinking.