The Role of Communication Skills on Perspectives of University Students about Marriage during Dating (Emotional Friendship)

Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Education, North Cyprus.


Problem Statement: Marriage is considerable attempt for everyone. During decision taking, people are affected by something for this reason some things cause problems or good things for marriage. In the study, relationship is observed to specific variables and marriage. Relationships are; there is a relationship between communication skills and preferring marital mate. Also, there is a relationship between particular differences (age, gender, nationality, attitudes of mother and father) and preferring martial mate.

Purpose of the Study: The aim of the study is to indicate role of communication skills on aspects of university students about marriage during dating. In every phase of life, family and marriage have vital position for human beings. Therefore, the study had been conducted to show importance of the communication skills among partners during marriage.

Keywords: Communication skills, marriage, dating, university students