The Practice of Being Self-Leaders in Online Learning Environment

Cyprus Yakin Dogu Universitesi.


Problem Statement: The ways of learning and teaching have changed based on the importance of collaboration, active participation and technology integrated instruction. Active learning plays a great role that learners become leader of their learning process and knowledge construction process. Learners’ responsibilities and roles within learning process through collaboration and group work provide an opportunity to moderate re-construction of knowledge. Experiences and knowledge sharing become essential to develop skills of management and control within the learning process. By the integration of technology, it is crucial to focus on online learning process that facilitates learners to be a leader of their learning process and knowledge construction.

Purpose of Study: In this study, it was aimed to develop “The Practice of Being Self Leaders in Online Learning Environment” and additionally it is aimed to develop self-leaders roles of students in tourism education through project and practice based courses.

Methods: This research study encircled a qualitative research model to collect in-depth data from students bysemi-structured interviews, selfreports and discussion via internet The multiple data were triangulated and analysed thematically.

Findings & Results: It is revealed that students have experienced how to be a leader in their course learning process in online learning environment and they developed skills of awareness, reflection, research and negotiation.

Conclusion & Recommendations: In conclusion, the author exposed that contents of course practice and online leraning environment helped students develop their self-leaders skills. Students assumed responsibility during process and incresed their mindfulness, solving problems skills.

Keywords: online learning, self-leadership, distance education, online learning environment